Foundation of the firm
Commerce with tool steels and tool components
Purchase of new production site
Succesful state tender for firm development
Increase of Capacity
Production area: 300 m2
Number of employees: 9
Turnover: 730t EUR
1992 - 1996
Increase of Capacity by purchasing new CNC milling machines
Buying of 3D-measuring machine, introduction of ISO 9002 Quality Management System and Opting for CAD-CAM Technology
Participation int he EUROMOLD World Fair for Mould Making and Tooling in Frankfurt
Production area: 3 500 m2
Number of employees: 121
Turnover: 5700t EUR
1997 - 2001
Investment in machines and in the expansion of the production area
Investments in new CNC milling machines and futrher decelopment steps of the CAD-CAM System
Starting the first dual-study programme
Introduction of computerized production control system, significant network development
Production area: 4 000 m2
Number of employees: 207
Turnover: 10,8m EUR
2002 - 2006
Introduction of Waterjetcutting technology
Expansion of the CNC production area, investment in machining of large parts
Introduction of 5-axis simultaneous CNC working method
Deep hole drilling up to 2 m in one pass
Fairs: EUROMOLD (Frankfurt), Fakuma (Friedrichshafen), MACH-TECH (Budapest)
Succesful crisis management
Production area: 5 000 m2
Number of employees: 210
Turnover: 12,3m EUR
2007 – 2011
Extension of CNC machining up to 25 tons
Comission of Zeiss measuring-machine
Introduction of precision-machining (M = ±0,005 machining accuracy)
Furtner expansion of the production area
Foundation of a new production hall and vocational training centre
Production area: 8 000 m2
Number of employees: 250
Turnover: 15,4m EUR
2012 - 2016
Further machine investments
Acquisition of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificats
Introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies
25 years anniversary
High-precision machine investments and extension of the size range
Opening of the vocational training centre, the „Büttner Technikum”
Expansion of our production management system, the Büttner Modul System with new functions
Obtainment of several EU-tenders
2017 - 2021
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